Unique Ways To Overcome Lower Back Pain Using Physical Therapy

Unique Ways To Overcome Lower Back Pain Using Physical Therapy

4 June 2021
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Lower back pain is a common medical problem globally. That explains why it is a common factor leading to regular chiropractor visits. Most chiropractors recommend different treatments for lower back pain, including surgery, medicine, and home care.

However, many medical practitioners recommend physical therapy like spinal manipulation, massage, stretching, and strengthening exercises. Here's how physical therapy might help improve your joint mobility and decrease your lower back pain.

Active Water Program Therapy

These are treatment exercises conducted inside a pool for lower back pain relief. The activities help to strengthen the lower back muscles without straining them. Water therapy exercises are convenient for people with disabilities, chronic lower back pains, or decreased bone density. 

Land-based activities may be painful for such people because of the weight pressure exerted on the spine. Water-based exercises, however, provide buoyancy for support, viscosity for gentle friction, and hydrostatic pressure, strengthening a range of muscles all at once.

Stabilization Exercises for the Lower Back

Through the help of a chiropractor, lumbar stabilization exercises help strengthen the muscle that supports the spine, preventing lower back pain. The range of exercise trains the patients on endurance, flexibility, and control of the spine. 

The exercises require the patient to maintain a neutral spine position, where the chiropractor will find the proper training for the spine in that position. These exercises help decrease spine-related and joint tension while training the muscles to automatically maintain a neutral position, reducing lower back muscle pains.

Stationary Bike Aerobic Exercises  

This gentle aerobic exercise helps strengthen the back muscles and keeps the joints flexible. The push and pull strokes on the bike stabilize the spine, which reduces lower back pain. Stationary bike exercises are gentle and low impact and have no stress impact on the spine. Instead, the movements are comfortable and tolerable even for patients with osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis. 

The pain and discomfort that come with lower back pain may lead to reduced physical movements and activities. While it may seem okay to rest and meditate, staying idle will only increase the likelihood of a disability. 

Physical therapy workouts don't have to alter your daily routine. However, schedule a few minutes of exercise that will retrain your back muscles. If the back pain persists after a few weeks, visit a chiropractor to get physical therapy that will help restore mobility and strengthen your back to reduce the pain. Contact a clinic like Atlantis Chiropractic and Spinal Decompression to learn more.

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